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Jay Lauer is content with his life. He’s happy working for his dad at Blue Pine Summer Camp up in the San Bernardino Mountains where he fixes everything that needs fixing, handles logistics, and in his spare time makes stunning works of art at his beloved pottery wheel. He doesn’t need a change or a reason to leave the mountain where he’s comfortable. He certainly doesn’t need a handsome geophysicist from MIT who talks too much to upend everything he thought he wanted. On the bright side, Sonny seems kinda patronizing and dismissive of Jay. So Jay’s in no danger...right?

Dr. Sonny Jacobsen has just gained his doctorate in geophysics from MIT. On a whim he decides to teach kids science lessons at Blue Pine for the summer, a well deserved break after a long and intense academic career. He doesn’t expect there to be a gorgeous handyman distracting him. But Jay hardly seems like the academic type, he can barely hold a conversation. So Sonny’s in no danger of falling in love...right?

It’s just as well that Jay and Sonny get the wrong impression of each other. Falling in love would only complicate an otherwise serene summer and they’re in no danger of that...right?

Summer of Sonny is now available for pre-order just $0.99!

Release day is October 1 after which it will be priced at $4.99 so get em’ while they’re hot!

Note: This pre-order only applies to the ebook. I’m working on the paperback formatting. Should have it available in paperback after 10/1, probably for $9.99.