Get ready for Robbie Day.

Get ready for Robbie Day.

Bart betrayed none of this interest, remaining typically blank, and said, "Could you sign for this?" 

He gestured with his handheld computer.

Robbie Day blinked up at him, as if Bart had just asked if he knew where Bigfoot might be. He put his laptop aside and stood up. He was maybe an inch shorter than Bart. Bart considered that a win. Robbie looked at the handheld and took a ridiculous amount of time to consider his options. Bart decided he would refuse to change course just to see what would happen.

"Sure," Robbie finally said. "Why not?" He was standing too close, Bart thought. He wondered if this was a power move. On the other hand, why the fuck would a man like Robbie Day need to pull a power move on a delivery guy? Also, he smelled very good, like he'd just showered. Bart knew he himself smelled like sweat and muggy truck. His hair was greasy. He had circles under his eyes.

Also, he's straight, Bart reminded himself. So maybe don't give a fuck quite so much.

Robbie was supposed to sign on the screen with his finger, but he held the computer in his hand and squinted up at Bart instead. "Have I seen you in something?"

"Have I seen you in something?" Bart blurted out.

Robbie Day's eyes lit up and he snorted a laugh. "Ha! Okay, okay. Christ." He signed with his finger. "You're an actor though, aren't you?"

In his wildest fantasies, he would never have even thought to invent a scenario where he was being rude to Robbie Day who had recognized him.

"I'm a delivery guy," Bart said.

Robbie looked him up and down and said, "I don't think so." 

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