Laundry Mat

I’m in a laundry mat right now (in the general area of where Bart would do his laundry if he were living in th Silver Lake house) and thinking that I should blog more and also nervous that people won’t like Summer of Sonny as much as my other books because it’s less quippy, which is by design. I wanted to try less quippy characters. Although next book I’m hoping right back to he banter.

...I think my dryers are done hold on... 

Nope, not done yet. 

Also I should think about some Bart and Robbie bonus stories... The top two ideas for those that have always sprung to mind are 1.Bart and Robbie Go To the Oscars and 2. Bart and Robbie’s Wedding... Yes they would have to be two different stories lol. 

NOW my dryers are done.



Sonny is being formatted and then I’ll be putting it up for pre-order at a discount for release 10/1. I can’t wait to get it out there! I’m just twiddling my thumbs right now.

Robbie Day Bonus Stories

The Robbie Day Duology is now complete! But...if I thought there was any demand/readership for it, I would do free bonus stories about Robbie and Bart for dedicated readers. So if you'd like that, a good way to show me is to sign up for the email list! 

Otherwise I've begun work on an urban fantasy trilogy set in Hollywood and then I've got another stand-alone up for revision. Thanks for reading! :-*

Day in Cleburne is Imminent

Ugh I could stand to actually update this blog, ya know, once in a while since I'm paying for it and all. ANYWAY, the sequel to Bart is coming up shortly. And then I'm working another stand-alone, and I've been outlining an urban fantasy trilogy that's exciting me right now... HMMMMM. I hope you like A Day in Cleburne!

Rainbow Shelf

Since Fugitive is out and about now, I suppose I should actually, you know, blog. I've got 41 sales and a little over 4,000 KU page reads under my belt. It might be more- Amazon's sales reports have been dodgy lately, but I'm new so what do I know. Still seems pretty good to me considering I've done next to no marketing (really just Tumblr).  BUT I've got my first real promo coming, a spot with Rainbow Shelf on Friday. They promote LGBT fiction (every letter, not just the G). I highly rec them- I'm a subscriber, I think they're great.  I was very psyched to get the spot. Hope I get some juice out of it.

If anybody is actually reading this for God's sake comment or tweet at me or find me on Tumblr. If I see people are interested, maybe I'll post the first chapter of the next book or something. Or at least the cover.


Hello, blog.

I mean there should be something here, no? Even though the book isn't out yet. But hey: blog.  I'm sitting here listening to John Mulaney. I should use him for a character sometime. Hmm...

Yo, blog.

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