Rainbow Shelf

Since Fugitive is out and about now, I suppose I should actually, you know, blog. I've got 41 sales and a little over 4,000 KU page reads under my belt. It might be more- Amazon's sales reports have been dodgy lately, but I'm new so what do I know. Still seems pretty good to me considering I've done next to no marketing (really just Tumblr).  BUT I've got my first real promo coming, a spot with Rainbow Shelf on Friday. They promote LGBT fiction (every letter, not just the G). I highly rec them- I'm a subscriber, I think they're great.  I was very psyched to get the spot. Hope I get some juice out of it.

If anybody is actually reading this for God's sake comment or tweet at me or find me on Tumblr. If I see people are interested, maybe I'll post the first chapter of the next book or something. Or at least the cover.