Laundry Mat

I’m in a laundry mat right now (in the general area of where Bart would do his laundry if he were living in th Silver Lake house) and thinking that I should blog more and also nervous that people won’t like Summer of Sonny as much as my other books because it’s less quippy, which is by design. I wanted to try less quippy characters. Although next book I’m hoping right back to he banter.

...I think my dryers are done hold on... 

Nope, not done yet. 

Also I should think about some Bart and Robbie bonus stories... The top two ideas for those that have always sprung to mind are 1.Bart and Robbie Go To the Oscars and 2. Bart and Robbie’s Wedding... Yes they would have to be two different stories lol. 

NOW my dryers are done.